Taylor Mills


In September 2015 Taylor Mills was inducted into the Iowa Music Hall of Fame (Iowa Rock ’n Roll Music Association.) Here’s the induction film that was plays at the ceremony honoring Taylor:



“A gorgeous girl with a gorgeous voice” – Roger Daltrey, THE WHO

 ” Taylor sings so tenderly and effortlessly, yet there is an all knowing quality in her voice that tells you there’s a back story behind every lyric.” – Tommy Shaw, STYX

4 out of 5 stars –The Daily Mirror, UK
3 out of 5 stars –Manchester Evening News, Manchester UK
3 out of 5 stars –RothnRoll
3 out of 4 stars –Stoke Sentinal, UK
7 out of 10 stars — ETLife , UK


��her sensual vocal style is a thrilling pleasure�A singer this good can’t help but assert a compelling identity and she does�� � Rev Hammer, U.K. ‘s Daily Mirror

The Metro Spirit

“…Mills is the best female singer that I’ve reviewed so far. LullaGoodbye is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant music scene.”� Rich McCracken II, The Metro Spirit

The Austin Monthly

��on Lullagoodbye , center stage belongs to Mills, who gets a chance to show off her strong but silky voice�From the soulful �Anything� through the off-beat �Raven� to the power of �Cradle Me�, Mills stretches her exceptional pipes and takes listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of life.�  � Ward Lowe, Austin Monthly


“Warm, gentle vibrato is becoming a rarity nowadays.  Luckily, we still have rising artists like Taylor Mills to remind us that true talent isn’t quite dead.” � Noah Ruede, Aquarian Weekly

The Daily Express

�Blessed with one of those big, booming voices, Taylor has filled her debut with brash ballads and bruising bluesy numbers.� � Marcus Dunk , U.K. ‘s Daily Express

“Her debut album is a luscious blend of superior sunshine pop/rock with occasional catch-in-the-throat country inflections, sung with real conviction and a bell like clarity. A class act for sure.” – The Dorset Echo, UK

” Taylor knows a thing or two about holding her own–blessed with one of those big booming voices”
– The Daily Snack , UK

 �Lullagoodbye is a wonderfully diverse collection of songs that serves as a perfect showcase for Mills to demonstrate the full extent of her fabulous vocal range and her ability to effortlessly adapt to any given song style. Picking out the stand-out moments on Lullagoodbye is not an easy task as each successive listen seems to throw up a different favorite, but if pushed, the album’s opener Center Of Your Heart, the exquisite Hello Sun, Anything and the richly textured Keep The Saints From Leaving raise the bar pretty high.” -Anthony Lowman, Stockport Times, UK

 “Confident and powerful she dominates…….listen out for this lady for future reference.”
– John Murray, Fife Free Press , UK

“The choice of material is infallible, combining both pop and adult-oriented rock aspects that showcase Taylor ‘s impressive vocals and emotional commitment to the music and lyrics. Unobtrusive, intimate, and avoiding the sterilizing mainstream-gloss that no doubt would have been applied by a major label, the arrangements, while radio-friendly, steer clear of triteness or cliché. �Lullagoodbye’ is a remarkably accomplished, self-assured debut, and rightfully so. Hopefully through exploration and word-of-mouth, it will find the audience that it deserves.” -Insomnia Cafe

“It’s the richness of that voice. Taylor Mills is like chocolate cake with chocolate icing. If you like chocolate, it’s all good.” -Bradly Mason Hamlin, Mystery Island