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Lullagoodbye - Taylor Mills

Lyrics from the album "Lullagoodbye"

Center of Your Heart
(Scott Bennett)

Everyday gets harder
Life was easier way back then
Thought by now you’d be smarter
It’s hard to think when the world’s caving in

You’ve got to break it down try to hear the sound
Of that distant beating

Can you take it
Can you make it
To the center of the heart
You’ll awaken
You’ll be shaken
To the center of your heart

When did we get disconnected
Did you think it was my call
When did I get elected
To be the bad guy and take the fall

Is it yours or mine, let’s erase the fault line
Cuz the time it ticking

We’ve been filling our heads
We’ve been fooled and misled
Should be filling our hearts instead

Can you take it
Can you make it
To the center of your heart
You can’t fake it
You might break it
When you find the center of your heart


(Scott Bennett)

There’s a hazy moon in an October sky
I’m hanging out, hanging out to dry
Got an old grey sweater wrapped around my knees
Dragging my camel, flicking ashes in the breeze
I should get my ass in gear and get the hell out of here

The only thing I need is everything

Quit my seventh job, I just hang around cafes
Killing the hours, reliving the days
When everything was easy and fell into it’s place
Now I’m a royal flush waiting on an ace
Should have made this one my year but I let myself down

The only thing I need is everything
The only thing I need is anything

Wish I could get, out of my head
Out of my skin

The only thing I need is everything
The only thing I need is anything
The only thing I need

Is anything


Hello Sun
(Nicholas Markos/Marcos Sueiros)

Looking through old photographs
At folks who aren’t here no more
And friends, I don’t even know

I notice we don’t smile
The way we did back then
Something in our eyes has changed

Yeah, I know
I know I’m not the same
Yeah, I know
Now I’m wide awake

Been to one too many funerals
To take it all so serious
Hey, it’s only life

And if I could just find myself a little peace of mind
Then everything, everything would be all right

Yeah, I know
I know we’re not the same
Yeah, I know
I know it’s late to change

Hello Moon
Hello Sun
I’m back among the living

Hello Earth
Hello Sky
I’m back to be forgiven, once again

We’re burying our feelings in the ground
And in the leather-bound scrapbooks
Inside our hearts

And if we don’t start living soon, then I don’t know
Then I don’t know… I don’t know when we’ll ever start

Yeah, I know
I know it’s not the same
Yeah, I know
I know it’s late to change



Genie In A Bottle
(Scott Bennett/Allen Keller)

Father always let me win
Really thought I was something
Lying in my bed
Halo overhead

But that was long ago
What happened I don’t know


Genie where, where are my wishes
Genie where, where are my

I tried to quit again
But I never could say when
Memories dissolved in a
Glass of amnesia


At my stool rubbing my bottle (rubbing on my bottle)
Puff of smoke, Genie walked through
I asked him could you please help me (I am so lost and lonely)
He said funny that’s what I was gonna ask of you (Can you help me)

I can still turn on the charm (even change my form)
Genie thought I could do no wrong (couldn’t fool him very long)



(Allen Keller/Scott Bennett)

Raven, so high
Cloaked in a starless sky

Carry, angel hair
Patch up the holes left behind

Tears, perfect tears, turn to diamonds
I cherish each one
They remind me of you

Raven, so high
Flies through a moonless space
Carry, a silver brush
Paint a new one in it’s place

Tears, perfect tears, fall upon the ground
I gather each one, for you
I’ll love you — forever

Raven, so high
Raven, so high
Raven, so high
Raven, so high


Consolation Prize
(Scott Bennett)

On this island, you’re the king
With heavy eyelids over eyes smeared in vaseline
I dote on your every whim
But you never got over it
It’s time to sink or swim


I’m no consolation prize
I’m no consolation prize

You’ve been ready to clean the slate
Didn’t notice passion’s expiration date
You pushed me out on the plank
But our ocean was just a tank
And I know someday I’ll thank you but


Thought I was a genius not just clever
But I’ve mistaken never as forever, forever



(Nicolas Markos)

There’re things that you can see
Things that you conceive in your mind
There’re things that you believe
Things that you should leave behind

I can’t run away, I can’t stay this way


When I disappear
You won’t shed a tear
That’s why I’m crying now
And why I’m leaving here

There’re things that need to change
It’s gonna come with pain but it’s alright
There’s a storm inside my head
Over what I left unsaid, but it’s all fine

I can’t run away, but I can’t stay this way


Any day now, I’ll be gone…



Cradle Me

(Scott Bennett)

Cradle me with arms of weakness
Ease my mind with words of doubt
Stroke my head with callused fingers
Let me in but keep me out

Tell me how you’ve been where I’ve been
All the same destruction sights
Show me how you’ve also seen the
Sun come out at night

Sing for me a lullagoodbye
In a weary Sarah Vaughn
Tell me you will always love me
But tomorrow please be gone

I’m alive but hardly kicking
Got a broken peace of mind
Heart’s been beaten but it’s still ticking
Out the time
Oh this time
I just need a friend tonight
Could it be we’ve both been trying
(Cradle me with arms of weakness)
To sweeten the same sour notes
(Ease my mind with words of doubt)
Could it be we’re soul inmates
(Cradle me with arms of weakness)
Drifting in the same life boat



Keep The Saints From Leaving
(Scott Bennett)

Catapult me out of here
Leave me weightless in the air
Let the cold winds blow and make me numb
Make my heart be just a beating drum

Seat me in a sea of chairs
Light the fireworks, shoot the flares
Entertain me, blow the bombs so loud
Let me lose myself inside the cloud


Keep the embers breathing
I can’t take rejection
Keep the saints from leaving
Help me heal this infection

Lay me on an empty beach
Feel the cool waves brush my feet
Let the water sooth my burning skin
Peel away and help me start again



New Year’s Eve
(Nicholas Markos)

New Year’s Eve left me behind
It’s the same old scene time after time
Never change whatever they say
Everyone, everything stays the same

Time and again it’s you that I waited for
But you left me out here in the cold, left me all alone

New Year’s Eve you come and you go
The only thing new is the fresh fallen snow
New Year’s Eve it’s high time you go
You promised me but you never show

You shown as you move through the fair, a glowing jewel
But I from afar simply stared, like I always do

All of the buildup and all of the dreams
Disappear in the midnight beneath all the screams
The first dawn arrives like a whispering wind
Nothing has changed and it all starts again

Anyone can see you’re not the one for me
Anyone can see you’re not the one for me, for me

New Year’s Eve step up take a bow
You’ve done it again, started another row

New Year’s Eve my money’s all spent
I can’t find my shoes, I can’t find the rent


Wish Me Well
(Paul Buchanan)

We tried to make this little house, into a happy home
But we could not succeed
Now it’s getting time to try to make it on my own
Before there’re little mouths to feed


Wish me well and hold me
Wish me well and let me go
The dreams that we had are over it seems
Wish me well

Time and time we say we’re gonna try to start again
We could not and we do not
Baby, what you say is… it’s time to say Amen
We gave it all we got


Yeah, there were days, we got it right
But more and more the pretty days looked like the night
And it’s no good… coming home
Never sure just where you’re coming from


Wish me well…